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Processes that are repetitive are becoming increasingly automated. Examples of this can be provided by robotics. Open shuttles take over simple, recurring processes and relieve the burden on staff. This is also increasingly the case in the catering industry. This means that catering robots can load trays in the kitchen, move through specially defined guest sectors to the table and unload the tray again. They can also transport trays of dirty dishes to the sink. This reduces workloads for the service staff and allows more time for the role of host / hostess.



In spring 2022, Vitznau's 1st/2nd grade students have visited DAS MORGEN and have observed the gastro robots in action. They were then given the task of finding two names that related to the hotel, the region and the nature of the work carried out by the catering robots. They enthusiastically deliberated for three days and presented the following results.

Vitzi - Vitznau's first robot

Telli - Robotic waiter for DAS MORGEN's guests.

Watch the video and find out how children see DAS MORGEN 50 years into the future. Martim kicks off the story in his native language Portuguese...

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