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Chamber music hall

The chamber music hall in DAS MORGEN - Kultur Kulinarik Vitznau is ultra-modern and has a high-tech infrastructure that allows sound recordings of the best quality.

Architecture follows the acoustics - the architects Paul Zimmermann and Reto Gmür, the acoustician Martijn Vercammen (Peutz company) and the interior designer Erwin Sterling acted according to this motto and set the stage for the construction of the new chamber music hall.

This gave the venue an unmistakable, almost intimate character that offers the audience an optimal sound experience. Ceiling and wall panel reflectors and a sound system with six invisibly mounted sound lines and two mobile subwoofers create sensational sounds. Movable curtains provide a special look as well as an additional acoustic element. A recording and video studio and a control room, a digital DANTE audio network, a wireless microphone system and three permanently installed 4K cameras are available for professional production. An induction loop was installed under the parquet floor for people with hearing impairments.

Up to 275 guests can be welcomed in the hall, and there are also places for people with special needs. The modern lighting technology rounds off an enchanting experience. With the flexible LED lighting in the hall and on the stage, scenes are created that will be remembered. One particularly atmospheric experience is based on the starry sky visible over Vitznau on 1 August, visualized on the ceiling of the hall. 

The foyer also serves as a Multimedia hall that can create immersive image and sound worlds using the latest digital technology. It is an independent hall for presentations and multimedia knowledge transfer.


Rental rates



Parquet: 217 seats, additional seats for people with special needs
Gallery 1: 34 places
Gallery 2: 22 places
Dinner seating: approx. 120
Generally available: flexible seating on castors



Total room area: 12.10 m x 22.25 m (w x d) = approx. 270 m2 ~ 3'000 m3
Stage: 11.50m x 5.00m (w x d)
Front stage: Lifting floor 1 > 12.10 m x 0.80 m (w x d)
Podium 1: lifting floor 2 > 12.10 m x 2.65 m (w x d)
Podium 2: Lifting floor > 12.10m x 11.40m (w x d)
Fixed part of the hall at the back: 12.10 x 2.40 m (w x d)
Gradient of the hall: 0% - 6.5%, wheelchair accessible

4 electric hoists at main stage
2 electric hoist in the hall
Flexible rigging with 6 motor chain hoists throughout


  • Hall and stage lighting with LED
  • Starry sky (star constellation visible over Vitznau on 1 August)
  • Additional lighting options that can be used flexibly via moving lights and LEDs
  • Main lights with countless color options
  • Lighting console ETC Ghio @5, 12 JB Profile P 12, 4 JB wash P 18, 5 Sparx 12, 12 ETC Profile LED Series 3 Lustr, 7 ETC Fos 4 Lustr 8, 8 LED floodlight white


Sound exposure system

  • Control room
  • Ceiling and wall reflectors for a special acoustic experience
  • Basic sound system with 6 invisibly attached sound lines and 2 mobile subwoofers
  • Digital audio network based on DANTE technology
  • Wireless microphone system
  • induction system 



  • Possibility to set up a mobile video studio
  • 4 fixed 4K cameras



  • Canvas (more details to come)
  • Projector details (more details to come)



  • Stage management system with a custom-made stage manager desk as the heart of the system, call and monitoring system
  • Wireless and wired intercom system
  • Mobile back curtain on the stage
  • 2 curtains on the balconies


Contact us

Karola Mayr
Kultur Kulinarik Vitznau | Neuro Music Academy
Production Manager / Deputy Management
T +41 41 399 64 64

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